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"The 50 Shades of Black" Apartment in Manhattan

You may see a lots of fashion design from the famous fashion designer Alexander Wang, but how about his apartment in Manhattan? it can definitely reflect his own style, the young designer recently talked about his home in a magazine interview, so that everyone could visit his "50 Shades of Black" apartment across the screen. Are you ready?

Alexander Wang's apartment is located next to the Hudson River, the environment is really cozy and quite. there is full of fashionable atmosphere once you step in his apartment. The corridors like a small art museum,full of different photos and art works, a black tortoise chair was placed at the end of the corridor and hanging with a horse as the protagonist of the photo on the wall, Alexander Wang said that this is his favourite art works, it would be the first impression give to other people from his apartment, although he did not give any more explanation, but what gave you the impression?

This modern fashion home is actually by Alexander Wang's interior designer friend Ryan Korban co-design, he described the partnership which is full of love and hate, although Ryan Korban are fully understanding Wang's preferences and style, but Ryan always trying to take Wang out of his favorite area, and he accepted the new things, for example, Ryan asked Wang to reduce the use of black at home, but Wang's favourite style which is play with different texture of black items to brought out the Wang's atmosphere, so in the meantime they need to make a lot of concessions and learn to accept new elements before they can get the "50 Shades of Black" apartment.

For the balance of the cozy and stylish from Wang's collection, and he does not want to living in a museum only, even he wanted to be home with everything he liked, but meanwhile he needed some space to let him relax. May be because of this contradictory character so that he became such a good designer. Although Wang's apartment is in cool colors tone, but you can feel a sense of warmth, perhaps Wang does not want to over-decorated his apartment, that's the reason why his apartment could feel like real artistic home.

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